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A conservatory is a dream that many homeowners share. It can be used to fuse the outdoors and indoors by creating a unique, light, and airy living space or it can have a more functional purpose and used as a study or computer room. What you do with the conservatory is entirely your choice, and tailor made conservatory designs from Basfords Limited enable you to choose between five equally good looking styles that utilise the latest in our A rated energy efficient double glazing products and over 25 years experience in the double glazing industry.

Energy Efficient

All Basfords Limited double glazing is A rated for its energy efficiency whether its doors or windows. Double glazing products are rated for their energy efficiency because old or poor double glazing can cause a property to lose a large majority of the heating produced in the home. A rated double glazing means that all but a negligible amount of heating is retained to the benefit of the homeowner. What's more, with Basfords Limited, you don't need to sacrifice great looks to enjoy reduced heating bills and minimised energy consumption levels.

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Tailor Made Conservatory Design

Every aspect of your new conservatory is tailor made to your requirements and your tastes. You can choose the style or shape of conservatory, and you can decide on the type of double glazing design that is used. You can dictate the size of the conservatory and you can determine what the space will be used for once it's been created.
Edwardian – The Edwardian conservatory is typically rectangular in shape and features a short brick wall below the double glazing. It is so called because it matches the Edwardian style of architecture that is prevalent in towns and villages across the country.
Victorian – The Victorian design is another traditional and beautiful design style that can be incorporated into almost any property style with great effect. The octagonal design really lets you make the most of the sun and natural light while offering a warm and enjoyable indoor space.
Lean To – The Lean To style of conservatory is the simplest and most popular of all conservatory designs. The low pitched roof makes a lean to conservatory perfect for use on bungalows as well as houses.
Gable – The Gable conservatory is a luxurious design that blends in perfectly with the design of the home itself. No guttering needs to be added to the front of the conservatory which gives an even greater looking finish.
P Shape – The P Shape conservatory combines both the Victorian octagonal shape and the lean to shape in order to create a single, stunning conservatory design with lots of interior space and exterior beauty.

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